My mind is colored with unbelievable things.
Colorful Kings, Colorful Queens.
But through the cracks,
the black seeps through.
My minds is empty, yet it is full.
Sometimes I am happy, most times I am dull.
The world continues on as I get attacked.
The voice in my head screams "please take me back!"
I must be delusional,
No this can't be right.
Because last night I finally saw the light.
I wished that it can be transmitted,
To a world consumed with darkness.
Am I insane?
Please pass me the champagne.
No I do not drink.
My life has been written with indelible ink.
My mistakes can not be washed away.
Maybe on another day, I will come and play.
But for right now,
I will make a vow.
You will see me again, soon.
Just look up at the moon.
The images you see are me.
I am now an escapee,
I am nowhere to be found,
Except in a burial ground.
I am not crazy,
I'm just a bit hazy.

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