There’s just so much, I mean there’s mom.
How could she have known, that leaving me with him...
Leaving him with me would result in such tragedy.
I mean who would suspect the babysitter.
Then there’s dad, pour dad, drinking his sorrows away.
Like some over grown child drowning in his pity.
Although he found me, bruised and empty.
My soul left my body in an instance and I was a yolk.
Being fried and boiled and covered in salt and pepper.
It burned my eyes to watch so I closed them.
My ears bleed from the sound of his heavy breathing.
My body broke beneath his chest.
My hands lay paralyzed, each finger breaking.
Until I realized
that i was still this raw egg, uncooked.
Just this unbroken egg with too many problems.
My shell is white and i’m okay.
I am still innocent
The darkness couldn’t take that away from me.
You’re not broken at all, no one’s toppled you over
No one’s harmed the precious hairs on your head.
You’re just this egg. This white egg, that white egg.
Uncooked and raw.

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