Hello I’m Joy and Im 13
As you may know that makes me a teen
I yell at my reflection
I hate the way I speak
I eat lots of ice cream
As warm tears run down my cheek

I have anger built inside and it isn’t going well
I have to break a pencil to keep from letting out a yell
It seems like everyone wants to see me fail
And the bread keeping me together is starting to get stale

I’ve been through a lot so far
And I’ve been told it doesn't get easier
The longer fries are in oil
The more they get greasier

But now there is something I've come to realise.
The world has much bigger problems than mine.
Like how suicide levels are ridiculously high
That baby in Africa is hungry, but has no tears left to cry

Children who are left with no father
Or an inconsiderate mother
They don't feel like they matter
They don't fit in with the clutter

Then this child grows to be like his mom or dad
Has a child of their own and treats them bad
The pattern will continue if we don't end it
No child should have that experience

We spend our time on the web
We should be using time productively instead
We take a pic of our meal before we eat
Then we mock each other over a tweet

Save the turtles is not just a funny meme
It's an action we need to take as a team
Get off Snapchat get rid of the filter
Go outside and pick up some litter

And for all you teens who love the connotation
Well no cap we need to improve our generation
And yeah your new shoes may be fire
But the fire in California is something you can not acquire

We spend every second yelling and hurting
But nothing we say is ever diverting
We’re wasting our time and breath
Will we get it together before we reach death

Every word
Ever sentence
Ever sound should be heard
Because what we say just might change the Earth

So let’s love and give
That should be the new trend
Kindness should be our new motto
Lets rise up from behind our shadows

And I’ve realized this, hopefully so have you
Hopefully you’re passionate about this too
And no this is not a proclamation
Just a poem by teen who has hopes for her nation
And now I'm just waiting for the rest of the world…
To come to this realization

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