Remember the power of a poem

The power of a poem is as strong as any soulful heart felt song. The words can be just as horrifying as a war. Sentence can elegantly dancing as a Russian ballerina. A poem is also capable to be as rememberable, as the lonely man on a street. Then as unforgettable as ones first love.
As a poet we’re responsible for the hidden objects of the heart and souls of those we know and don’t care to know.
We can write hundreds of poems with thousands of words. With a millions meaningful thoughts to each read or heard.
Yet the depending upon how a person perceives her or his own meaning. Or a depth to a poem.
They could read 50 poems that lights-heart with joyful dreams to the soul. To only remember poem 51. The one that is darkest hidden among.
I write poems of love, nature, joy my kids bring and even some Lord’s Prayer.
But the only one that spends like fire is the one of the dark.
Is it because their scared of my darker side? Or is it because I shine the light on which they wish to hide? That’s something only they can decide!
I will continue to be happy with my heart and soulful ways, to knowingly to love all of life’s stories from the happy to the sad.
Not everyone is told to come over as grief, for parts of living is so sweet.
The ability to write words that speak. To the hidden reaches of those who seek.
I can only hope that I convey. That life is beautiful each way. When one reads the Bible not all is angels and glory, you must also read the whole hidden story.
So what is the responsibility for a poet?
If she or he wishes to share are we relabel writers of death or perhaps luscious lover and sonnet speakers. We can’t control what we don’t know or what someone may think about.
We can only trade our time and talent to help others see all of life’s works.
For those who don’t know, we must show.
You can’t have darkness without light.
For as it is” there is a heaven and a hell”
There are angles with demons for them to dispel. For all of man kind lives, with a balance between what’s wrong or is right.
This is the weight we must all carry.
So as a poetic license that was given from above. I am justified to only write what I see, know,hate, and love.
Inside every day I strongly feel the need to grow. So only the truth of my heart in time will if measured to be, will it out last all I see?
That’s the true nature of all man. To live by your own heart and soul, and to share all that can honestly be told.
For there is no promise that it will all be bad or if it will be all good. It is how you felt about it. Then if you did the best that you could.
To the poets who I don’t know nor not to know of me. I say please continue to write of ourselves day and night. We must lead and leave those who don’t always see.
How splendid, complicated, sad and great life can be. To the fellowship of the house, I thank you . Let us continue to share and grow!


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This Poems Story

My boss came across one of my poems, on the email at work. He called me to the office. He said he was concerned. Then he asked a question I never thought about before. (Is that you?) I had to think about it. FYI I have sent him many poems and writings before this. Never had I got called to the office on how uplifting or positive a poem was! I not once heard your poems are thought provoking. But he he reads one dark sided poem, and the day must stop and ask ( I this you?) yes! As well as everything is that I write. He and I continue to talk for another hour. Afterwards that afternoon I got to thinking about it. So I wrote the prose above.