Rise & Fall

Even when some go to bed or the clouds cover, the sun continues to shine, to give warm light, to lighten the darkened. Sunrises, different every day, some seen, some slept through, some pictured, some admired. I am grateful for the sun, not only for what it does, but what it represents. The sun reminds us of our Father’s love, ever-present, often not seen or felt, sometimes overwhelming, but then there are moments the love is seen and felt in a perfect moment like a golden hour. The sun reminds of the gift of a new day but never promises the next sunrise. But when the sun does rise, it brings with it, more chances, more adventures, more memories, more smiles, more laughs. The sun slowly wakes up, breaking the silence, bringing people, birds, and even trees to life. And when the sun sets, spreading its golden, spidery fingers made of light into a dark night, we forget it’s not leaving us but merely going to wake the other side of the world with its golden and almost magical light.

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