Send Me A Picture

Send me a picture of your eyes.
So that I can look into them and tell you
how much I miss looking at the curly in the corner of them
how much I miss your smile that makes the dimple appear
how much I wonder where my world would be without you in it
how much the sun would not shine
as bright bcuz your voice didn't come with it.
So that I could say I love you
and you see in my eyes that it is true
Send me a picture of your smile
so that I can see that the events of the day haven't
taken away the handsome soul into captivity of frustration
So that can say to your lips
how the nectar of every word rings in my head
how the knowledge and experience of your day has been
Send me a picture of your arms so that I can tell you
how safe my word is in them
how I know if I were to fall you could catch
how I understand that at times
even those arm strength need to be rubbed into easy
Send me a picture of your shoulders
So that I can tell you
how much I know you carry on them
how even they will need a hot oil rub to
easy their stress of the world you hold on them
how I see your strength rise and
show this mere world that you can will do more then it believe
how everyday you wake up stronger then the one before.

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