Senseless Ramblings

A frustrating aggravation dedication to the contamination of the nation making a declaration continuation on contemplation without an understanding of expanding the demanding commanding and misunderstanding thought that was taught while being sought but never brought by a juggernaut to clear the fear from the ear of the sincere volunteer to revere what is known about a moan that has gone alone to the throne to postpone a gathering chattering bunch shattering while blathering about a egotistical mystical parasitical parasite attacking the lymphocyte leukocyte tonight at a site despite the delight plight that might fight a hermaphrodite with a slight contrite knight without any doubt about a stout sprout that's devout on being a roustabout trout on route without a roundabout toute direction with reflection of the selection introspection on the perfection of erection infection correction with subjection to a mistakenly mendaciously distastefuly blatantly following of a hollowing while borrowing the intelligence with negligence of any benevolent pestilence of a skeleton with a specimen without the discipline of a simpleton that might be a crazy daisy that is lazy and maybe plainly zany not thinking about the blinking sinking building without yielding to shielding the wielding of an insane vain train that will remain a stain that's a profane mundane inhumane wannabe devotee with a guarantee of a jamboree in a tree with a leprahcaun named john that went to spawn in Taiwan but doesn't know the flow of a show and is slow to undergo taekwondo on a plateau with a foe so he hesitates and separates while he penetrates the syndicates and exacerbates then deviates from the pathway on his birthday with his fiancé while drinking chardonnay on a parkway getting drunk with a monk trying to debunk a crunk chipmonk that is going home to Rome with a gnome to roam a catacomb in a zone that is an unknown cornerstone of civilization with concentration on the complication of communication and the cohabitation of a lost nation with relation to creation and the sensation of masturbation.

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Words that my mind spit out without knowing that they end up saying senseless ramblings