Shattered Glass & Kicking A**

Nurse, Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, CEO—
All things that young girls have aspired to be,
All things that some of those young girls have made a reality,
And paved the way for many young girls who’ve followed their lead.

Vice President of the United States—
A position for many years that felt far removed from those aforementioned,
A goal which has now become a reality for one woman,
And which will continue to guide the way for the rest.

Vice President Kamala Harris—
It bleeds the sound of hard work and perseverance.
It heightens the chimes of hope and aspiration.
It belts a whole new melody of possibility and opportunity.

We must celebrate it and rejoice, as women have been given a new voice.
Sing along to the song of renewed hope and fresh chances.
Dance to the hymns of encouragement and new advances.
But as soon you hear the music go flatter, make sure that you pause to hear that glass shatter.

Hold your chin high, young woman, and do not let anyone tell you you shouldn’t.
You are brilliant, young girl, so do not let that ambition curtail.
You are strong, young lady, so set your goals and try at them daily.

Kamala may be the first, but we cannot let any one of us be the last.
Many more landmarks to pass, in this continuing fight to smash the rest of this ceiling of glass.

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