she walked in quietly, gently
nimble feet, and patting palms
puffy cheeks, pouty- pretty
she walked in with an air of normalcy
enamoring me
red converse, doc martens maybe
never knowing the impact she would leave

she talked quietly, gently
whispering in chinese
doing as she pleased
the world watches, her and me

you’re my best friend, she says
really? me?

she laughs loudly, unabashedly
open mouths and white teeth
pink, chapped lips always complaining
yet happy
she laughs loudly, contagiously
about everything and nothing at all

she walks to me now, smiling or snappy
she walks to me tired, purposefully
she walks to me, and that is enough

she talks to me, quietly or loudly
she talks to me, voice high
she talks to me, and that is everything

you’re my best friend, i say

she twirls, on her pretty pointed feet
she falls, gracefully
she bends, holding my hands
she says, together
she runs, and i’m left in the breeze
i need you
don’t leave me

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