Shiarnice Burns

Coronavirus and Mental health: ‘We are not made for social isolation.’
Anxious thoughts parade through the streets of my heart
Rum, pumpa pumpa pum
Racing cognitive interruptions erupt like a volcano
My hippocampus remembering the day I left work racing home
After taking for granted human interactions I was tired and ready to go
Never realizing it would be my last time to capture an engaging audience
To exercise my super extroversions
I’m running out of celexa brain zaps reject focusing thoughts
Racing thoughts dominate a membrane
Combined with palpitations of praise and pain
Withdrawal is setting in and beginning a new trend of anxiety thoughts to take precedent
Realizing that my normal has now created a new normal for itself
Slowly realizing if I’m not refilling my prescription, I will soon be in crisis with my mental health
450 Million Americans like me needing a quarantine cure because we were not created for social isolation
While many people would rather stay home and never prefer to communicate in conversation over a phone
It paralyzes me to think that some are paralyzed by this new normal
While many people are neglectful in washing their hands and staying away from beaches with their best friends
Its madness not knowing what emotion is appropriate but realizing that there needs to be an urgency
Presently covid19 has me scared that mama, my step daddy and my brother has been infected
Knowing I was negligent with never saying I love you
I apologize for never taking time to appreciate Trees for the forest
While millions of Americans experiencing withdrawal from substance abuse, depression, anxiety and bi-polar diseases
We’re struggling to survive in reality and even within our own minds it’s simply for me just one day at a time

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