six foot deep

It's a land of rotted Forrest where swamps
And shadow creatures grow,sinking sands beneath your feet it's a passageway you know.Waterfalls falling down and a river without a gate a world inside a world,darkness filled with agony and hate.
Unattachable body parts floating by the riverside shore,mountains of skin that lyes upon the floor,the silence of the pain will only make you scream hoping to God your nightmares a dream. Hovering angels filled with sin,demons laughing behind their grin.
Numerous children waiting in line to receive their number,that's the same as mine,foreheads tilted at a slant so deceased crying souls for a life of peace
My daily choir is what my number brings,I must die slowly from acid rain.
The story I tell you is don't be fake,choose your destiny before it's to late.
So pray the Lord your soul to keep,for the grounds not only six foot deep.

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