someday soulmates

To put it simply, you're the man of my dreams.
And cupid, locked and loaded, so recklessly schemes.
I want nothing more, than to love and be loved,
but the stars all seem crossed, in the heavens above.
It hurts to admit, but our fates simply don't align.
I met the right person, but sadly at the wrong time.
I could swear by the moon that we've met before,
I can only hope the next life has something in store.
Our souls so alike, as if one and the same,
sick of playing love as if it's a game.
I'd circle the Earth and do it again,
if it meant for a moment we could be more than friends.
It's a risky move letting yourself fall for someone,
like fingering the trigger of a loaded gun.
So open, and vulnerable, like Adam and Eve,
but the serpent constantly tries to deceive.
Our serpent is the poor timing that stands in the way,
not quite lovers, but soulmates, waiting for someday.

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