The thunder resounds in my mind,
Thy love and care, still so kind
O Holy son of Lord,
As I stand and applaud.

Although far and yet so near,
Where art Thou, there is no fear!
Unexplained thoughts proclaimed,
Mindful heart in Holy name.

Where Thee shines, no sin dares,
Where You reside, love so shared
Within my heart fragile
Enchanted with Thy smile!

As You walk, the earth is blessed,
Where You go, there is a fest!
Thy presence within my mind,
Thy giveth eyes to this blind.

Where Thy touch, heals all scars,
Untamed mind under Your power,
How can I e'er define?
In Your service, life refined.

Thy eyes glitters, Oh, such charm!
Where art Thou, there is no harm
Thy love so deep, profound-
Giveth the Holy sound!

Hold my hand, and set me free,
I want to go, where You may be.
That breaks away my shackles,
When Thy Holy smile does miracle!

Come, come within my heart,
I'm here for a brand new start
Shining master, please be kind,
Come, sparkle within my mind!

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