Spilling with Tin Tin

the down pour of rain that proceeds from my optics /is proof
that i'm sobbing/i guess i've been wounded
for like the lyrics of Pat Benatar goes /Love is a battle field
which explains my situation /for you were such a steal
And for you i had much zeal /the way you would appeal
to me so kindly /what we had/ i wish i could rewind time
so i relive it in my rhyme and then i realize
the broken ties /and i become wise
so here i lie in agony /time steadily dragging for me
i guess according to Benatar i'm a casualty of war
peep the score my heart has been torn
for i've been struck by your scorn
like a sheet of paper set a flame i shrivile
so the only thing i hold in high value is my spittle
i long to taste her lips /relive/so i may revive the familiar flavor
of what i loved to savor /then i feel pain when i reminisce
on how i was an unwanted commodity that hit me hard
like Tyson was boxing me
thats the true dagger that bodied me
and from that moment on i would recieve no relief nor prosperity
times would just continue to get more hairy see
pain would ingrain n stain the life that remains
with out you / brings this void in my heart
which cannot be measured with space for we could have eye contact
n what we had /still remains solar systems away
cause we no longer embrace although we didn't utter our vows
in holy matrimony in the eyes and laws of God
but if you were to ask me if we were just puppy love
more like something evolved in which the world revolved

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