Storms Of Reflection

I read stories of pain like they’re poetry, but mine feels like decay inside of me.
Eroding away at an optimism I fought tooth and nail for.
In times like these, I feel exposed, like I’m losing touch with control, so ill-composed.
My brain’s fallen from the grace that it was once was home too.

Usually led by thoughts, the feelings follow.
But in times like these the emotions flood in, I want to crawl out from my skin.
Weeds start to wrap around me and I’m gasping for air unable to swallow.

No articulation, no reasoning, no way to analyze so unable to describe these feelings.
Irrationality takes over and I’ve never felt more like a stranger to myself.
Collusion between my mind and soul to take down the power of my control, and it’s starting to take its toll.
An exorcism of the heart or brain, anything to explain this newfound drain that’s found a home in me today.

Launched past the stars now drowning in the sea, extremeness has arisen over me.
A reflection of the storms inside that build up after the highs subsides.
The electric shock inside my heart, an energy to strong to start. Too strong to process this overload of feelings.
Is this an un ventured path to healing?

Flew so high I never felt the rain, so untouchable I gave into the lack of thought overload where my brain once stayed. Basked in the sun didn’t think about the after-burn, no planned landing when I came back down to earth.
Now I’m trying to find balance in this feeling. I’m keeling over, onto my knees asking myself what’s wrong with healing.

A lighter day will soon arise on the horizon, I whisper to myself as I find myself in these dark skies, I look to up above for help.
To shed some clarity on the collation scene.

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