thank you, anxiety

The harsh waves of my mind overflow during these trips
With ridged bitten nails, shaky hands, and torn lips
My emotions crash like forgotten sunken ships

And of course, my troublesome past always returns during their fights
With baggy eyes, messy hair, and restless nights
The aching pain consumes me like hungry parasites

Yet, my hopeful heart slow dances with my mentality
In isolation, toxic pleasure, astray from society
With only a broken blue record repeating. . . thank you, anxiety

Though, I know deep down in my soul that one day
I’ll be able to keep the salty rivers on my face at bay
Without my prideful mask or the devil’s say

I’ll passionately slow dance with self love instead
With only my future and fortunes to focus on ahead
And no broken promises or worries or tears to shed

Understanding what is pain, heart ache, and insanity
Will help me know when to make myself my priority
So even through the struggles, I’ll still thank you anxiety
Because in time, I’ll soulfully come to know my essence of entirety

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