The Broken Home

The child that comes from the broken
home knows no home.
(Get out, get out)

Slipping through the shuffling hands of society.
(You can’t read, you won’t make it anywhere)

Everyone watches as they are failing.
(Fucking retard figure it out)

Pushed past the point of return. The little ones are coming.
(You deserved it, it’s your fault)

Quick quick the boat is heavy. This one had its chance.
(Get the fuck out)

Make room, make room. The waters are heavy. No point in everyone drowning.
(Egg shells, Egg shells)

There that one, it’s him. His straw is short.... he’ll be a good sport.
(Those plates are ugly)

Sent to the wolves. No one counts the days. He won’t be returning.
(Why is he happy)

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