The City Of Brotherly Love

Living in the city of brother love is not living at all
Walking in this city you really cant do it tall
You will fall or get shot on the spot in the light of
the day and of course the night what fright right
Living in my city the babies seem like pure tomb stones
It seem like none of them will see the edition of grown
Our black girls are always missing and it seem like it
normal if your 12 year old don't make it home
Yes in my city the color of your skin will put you in
the pen under the cell that if you make it because they
might find you dead and who is there to tell
Women like me have it hard trying to make it
another day so see your kids play to kiss there face
before a jealous man try to break your face so
you see living in my city its not a
grantee you will make it or how long you can
fake it that this is not my city it was not made for
people who have skin like me
The city of brotherly love yea they selling them
wolf tickets and the price is high for us to die
and I wish it was all a lie but i speak the
inhumane truth and to know you can only
research some of these things on the news
Cause where the city of brotherly love but look use up
you only see blood and drugs
Cries and goodbyes in my city

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