The Day

The feeling is of rainy mornings
occurrence funny to awoken eyes
questioned scope of fruitfulness
yet you’d rather stay still between the covers

It is that I feel
As though an action-less day bears
Gifts as divine as gold
Only silver and stone had I known before
Not a minute to spare with
Soles firm to the floor

It is those seconds adding up
Whose worth as special as
The final numbers of a last rep
For that is when action counts
And those seconds have graced
I this day off

Lonely lily braves the sky
Eye wide for tears to travel
Back in time
Clock’s stick ain’t taking time
Swinging left to right
Or right to left
Worry won’t tell

Biting into saccharine tarts
Forget the world
Then face reality
It is on a blue card
That a swan sigil sticks

It reads of glitter and neon lights
Of sparkly fingers and long smokes
A lady’s voice so strong and buff
They say be there by 9’ o’ clock

Both hands drowning
in hours of luck
this it but the best
offer struck
Glide into the fire
The pots
The bed
The grass
Wait on what’s to come
It is everything you ever wanted sweetheart

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