The Forsaken

To the river the men will take me
My soul is restless, it’s forsaken
These town people don’t know what I’ve awaken
After tonight a true killer they shall see
When I was born I was bound to set her free
A sacrifice by the ancient stone with blood
I slit his throat, it was like watching a flood
I began to tingle, my teeth began to sprout
Before long the old dead man was all dried out
I stood, admired my lovely scene
Now within two hours, they shall see my Queen
All hell shall be set loose
But by that time, they will have already tied my noose

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This Poems Story

This is one of my favorite poems I have ever written because it was my first horror poem. I am a real big Halloween person in fact I like it more than Christmas (Not the devils child I promise). I spent a lot of time on this poem and put maximum thought in to it. It has received great feedback from friends from IRL and online friends, so hopefully you'll enjoy.