The Gypsy Heart

Behind the dilapidated skin of the human flesh,
The sanguinary cataclysm of wild breath;
The gypsy heart dances to the flute of the waves,
A murky blue, a mossy red,
The interplay of ecstasy and void,
A nameless and a formless multiplicity,
Which lurks behind the veil of sanity.
A drug exhumes the memories of death,
A requiem for all that has been said,
The preternatural charm of the old
Has pranced into the worries of the new,
A paroxysm of the thirst for life,
A declension into the dungeons of faith,
The gypsy heart yearns for a gaze.

Beyond the binaries of the banal fate,
The gypsy heart struts into palettes of hazy shades,
Spots of confusion, blobs of uncertainties,
Collide into the disquiet of the circular motion,
Which sets the world to its pace!

Human destinies are swayed in hues,
Of what one conceives as feeling anew,
Multiplicity is the truth of the glue
That sticks the gypsy heart to its blues.

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