The Invisible Beast

I will not classify this thing as a man.
He's a beast that turns your life inside out.
He creeps upon you at your lowest point then attacks.
If you get a sudden urge to fight him with
your bare hands remember he's not a man.
He can control you, his power is greater than
yours; when you think you have him beat
he comes in your mind while you are asleep.
Yes you try to shake him but his voice still
goes back and forth in your head while you
try to hold on to the scripture you have read.
He has beat you down, your heart has waxed;
that beast has blackened your eyes and given you
a bloody nose. No feeling, no mercy, no love--now
you are ready to do anything.
Destroying yourself is his gain; you are in so
much pain his voice has led you to that
heated flame. Forever burning, never
returning, your life he has stained.

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