The Man From The Grocery Store Who Died From Lung Cancer

Caught me lost again,
A little more lost,
This moment won’t rewind,
To where my mind left my body and my body left my mind,
I’m as lost as I was and will be,
But with more peace over my own being,
So you’ve caught me again,
This moment in time,

They’ve let their earth hearts rust in the dirt of their memory,
A thrown out can that was once new on the shelves of forever be,
I never heard that chorus, that vocal, that song,
Though when they start singing, they expect me to sing along,

You’ve caught me wandering again with nothing to my name if fame,
You’ve caught me wishing I was on top of the world,
You’ve caught me holding on to people who are moving on and gone,
You’ve caught in the mixture of my own head in an old, hollow bed,

The recycled air they’re giving me can’t put my feet on the ground,
Their potions can’t let me dash out of light speed sound,
The people in white are letting strangers in my way,
Saying you’ve already caught the cold we can help your tired bones,
But not the soul of one that has no represent, no nos,

I wish I was a flying man,
I spent my life trying to reimagine and not re-amend,
So you’ve caught me lost agan,
I’ll never leave the hell I’m in,

Peace with war,
Peace with me,
Peace has no meaning,
When it's used like an old key,
I may be longing in the memory machine,
But I know when people die they never scream,

You’ve caught me throwing myself around the store,
You’ve caught me asking how much this is worth and myself to lore,
You’ve caught me holding on to strangers who are long gone,
You’ve caught me wishing I could get away of what I bargained to be long,

Where my mind left my body and my body left my mind,
This moment in time,
You’ve caught me where I die

By: Lyla Enter

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