The Rain knows It

The Rain Knows It
--- Rick
The dropping droplets of the clouds soak the air and marl;
The nonchalant blows of wind inebriate the mind like a wayward girl.
Deep thoughts of misery and pain can no more cause any harm;
The tears of the sky sweeps aside all the gloom set by the Fate affirm.
Three thousand years of misery not easy to pass;
Yet it abates for a moment when the rain touches the grass.
I do recall;
Those very years back when I was just but a youth;
She entered into the void, which was craving for someone to soothe.
The rain had got us closer, under the notion of a silent acknowledge;
Both afraid to drown into the flood of Nature’s wanton trick of betraying the knowledge.
Looking opposite wards only to betray the common notion of feelings;
Destiny brought closer the two hearts suffering the same ailing.
A word slipped from the tongue , merely a name ,did pull her a bit;
Slowly and timidly from her reverie she slanted forward in a heavenly feat.
Eyes kissed eyes and soul embraced the soul;
Time glared and Universe warned, yet I got into that game of foul.
Slowly and slowly the time turned over;
Sweeping aside all emotions ,only perpetual pain to hover.

Still even today;
When the mind on and often feeds on those blessed moments;
The soul feels relief from all pains and other earthly incumbents.
Life seems to be a quintessence of happiness bestowed upon me;
Whenever the destiny grants me an image of those past times for me to see.
But now,
When that same rain hath again entered the night;
There is none to fill the void with an aura of soul’s celestial light.
Only a few glimpse of the past do assist me still;
Serving only to raise the burden of grief to the point of ‘numb to feel’.
The opulence of moments do not go by a chance;
Offer only either to melt the heart or the misery to enhance.
I feel no grudge to the rain of the night;
Which once sent her child to lighten my freight.
If all were well and nothing went astray a bit;
There would’ve not been any verse on the rain ,and the Rain knows it….

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