The Sacrifice

The sun blinds in its raw beauty,
Hovering above in its mother-like form.
Shining exquisitely, sometimes free;
But other times lost in the sea of storms.
The swaying and waving of each growing limb,
Reaching up to touch the mother's crown.
Living and dying, oh isn't it grim?
When a single tree falls and makes no sound.

And there is a body unlike any other,
Reflecting the truth of many above.
It saves, but it drowns, don't go out any farther!
It's strong and deadly, but feels nothing but love.
And there's also a land full of warmth and sand,
Calling and yearning for a companion or friend.
But always avoided for the heat of the hands,
Its sacrificed friendships must come to an end.

Nobody mentions the build of the snow
Where ice rules and the shivering is felt.
Its happy, full self wants to share with a blow,
But nobody cares until it starts to melt.
The love and affection that these bodies feel
Goes unnoticed and unloved in the monstrosities you do.
But they want so badly for love and affection,
They live with loss, making a sacrifice to please you.

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