The Soviet Wall

This wall was to hold people in instead of out. This wall separated a country that had been infested with murderous people that promised to exterminate the “weak” and “infestation” that had rotten the country. Now those people are gone and are replaced with another monster and that’s called the Reds. And the Reds separated Germany from the East and the allied powers in the West. They started the construction on it August Thirteenth Nineteen-Sixty One. The wall stood there until November Nineteenth Nineteen-Eighty Nine.
They terrorized the inhabitants in East Germany for Twenty-Eight years through the means of torture, mass execution of family members, and if caught trying to climb the wall they would be shot on sight. The wall was Eighty-Seven miles long and covered all access routes to leave East Germany. There was barbed wire Two rows above the wall and very thick to get through. The buildings were in terrible condition because of industries became part of the government. The government would pay so much to people every month and that’s what they had. The Soviet government fell and when it did the wall fell in November Nineth Nineteen Eighty-Nine.

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