The Trumpets

As the first angel sounded it began to hail,
The people all began to wail,
A third of the trees were all burned up,
They realized below their time was up,

The second angel sounded and into the sea,
Mountains were thrown and blood you could see,
A third of the living creatures and ships were destroyed,
As judgement was deployed,

The third angel sounded and stars fell from the sky,
On all of the people who believed the lie,
Wormwood made the water bitter,
Mystery Babylon didn't know what hit her,

The fourth angel sounded and a third of all the lights went out,
Then another angel was sent out,
"Woe, woe, woe" was the warning on his lips,
Immediately after the partial eclipse,

The fifth angel sounded and an angel descended with a key,
The bottomless pit opened and smoke arose,
God opened a door that no one could close,

The sixth angel sounded and the four angels were released,
Through three plagues mens numbers decreased,
Iniquities had reached the heavens,
And people refused to learn their lessons,

The seventh angel sounded and voices began to proclaim,
They rejoiced the time the time they awaited finally came,
All kingdoms on earth became the kingdoms of our Lord,
The Lion of Judah had finally roared.

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