The Wisteria Path

If I must die let it be in a garden
Where the wisteria grows like a waterfall
And the evergreen lets off its fragrance
My love has renounced me
How can I reconcile with him
Where is the passion in living without love
No, I will walk on the cobblestone path
Where the wisteria grows among the pines
How my heart longs for the days gone by
To be there would give me Heaven on Earth
But no, it is all gone away
This day is all I have left
Can I endure it again and again
Like a knife you enter my chest
My face sees you glide along the path
My love you are beside me now
To you I give my troth, my shining star above
Orion would be jealous of you in the night sky
You are mightier than the bravest soldier
Your sword gleams among the wheat in the field
My love for you is never changing always and forever
Come walk with me on the cobblestone path to freedom
Even now my heart is swelling with a pure love, rejoicing
The wisteria and the evergreens grow along the cobblestone path
Silent as the dark night sky above

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This Poems Story

I am just a girl at heart. I love the beach and roses. I grow my own food, am good to animals, and I keep a daily journal and pray every day. My poem "The Wisteria Path" takes place in a garden path when the wisteria is in bloom. It is about being in love. The poet is someone devoted to another whom she believes to be admirable like a hero is. She misses the closeness of young love. Because of this, her heart yearns for the past and she has much grief. She looks to the night sky for her love and longs to find him there.