These Fatal Days

THESE FATAL DAYS – A Glimpse of Covid-19

That very night the world had to face a dare,
All went through sleeplessness and a nightmare.
Every now and then, there was a risk,
The acts were fast, the actions were brisk.
This being a danger that none could bare,
No one to cure, and very few to care.

The days were long, the nights filled with fear,
No one to wipe the rolling tear.
Dead were the blacks, and dead were the whites,
During the day hours, and during the nights.
The whites were rotting and so did the blacks,
Piled up and thrown within the sacks.

Terrible was the situation and horrifying was the sight,
All seemed wrong, and nothing seemed right.
With newborn babies, new hopes were born,
And with their death, the hearts were torn.
Brother, Sister, Father or Mother,
Each day lost one or the other.

The temperature rising, the sun getting hotter,
Without any food and without any water,
Without any shelter, without any rest,
People fought the disaster trying their best.
Graveyards were filled, and so were the hearts,
Destroying all the endings, and damaging all the starts.

No sign of recovery, no lightened up ray,
Death rates increasing in lakhs every day.
The economy dropped, the railways stopped,
The nations united and took a sigh,
The expectations were low, but hopes were high.

America, India, Russia, and Rome,
Were made to stay back within the home.
Fighting against the situation was the deal,
Schools, and roads, and offices were put to seal.
Closed were the courts, and closed were the files,
The poor had to walk for hundreds of miles.

Every day in thousands, the people were dead,
Diving the zones into green, orange, and red.
Few were the grains and less was rice,
A warning was declared by some of the wise.
Glory to those who showed their gratitude,
And honor to those who did contribute.

Better not touch the nose, mouth, or eyes,
And after every forty minutes, prefer to sanitize,
No wars, no floods, no winds had hit us,
It was terrifying, it was a VIRUS!
All we must do is bend down with hand joined,
And pray for humanity to save mankind.

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