They talk about treason
Then why indulge in betrayal themselves
Why then without any reason
Hatred among people dwells?

They talk about emancipation
Their actions surface against it.

They embrace brotherhood
But kill their own brothers.

They talk about democracy
When they have established fascism.

They rebel for empowerment
And snatch away the rights of helpless

They help those they desire
And put people's wants on fire.

The scent of their aura is xenophobic
Where natives themselves feel claustrophobic

Happiness is superficial
Wealth is peripheral

Sorrow and misery deeply fold their world
Real work plans are perfunctory

If word is spring, then work is autumn
And no season is in the sun

If Manumission is advocated
Enslavement is judged

I don't know who they are and what their world is,
But I know it's worth knowing, they are among us!

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