To the Voices that have fallen on February 14, 2018

You never think that the worst is ever to come, but you're always told
to be prepared for the unexpected. You walk into a facility in which
you know you'll always be protected as you are in the grip of your
teachers and administrators; don't worry, no one is going to get hurt
in these next few seconds — it's the very last thing that anyone would
want as of now.
You walk in to the same place every week day thinking nothing different
will ever happen, that you are stuck in a continuous routine. You are in
constant motion, not thinking about what might happen on a new day.
You hear the jokes of a possible new "shooter" being around amongst
the school, but no one ever seems to take it seriously. It's all just for fun
and games — it will never happen to us.
Again, we all have this idea that it will never happen to us because we were
told so. We think that we are protected from left to right, but everyone forgets
to check underneath the shadows of the ones that you least expect it from.
The kids that used to roam the hallways are now tombstones with different
beginnings that hoped for different endings. Instead they all now have the
date engraved one them and within the families in which they can not come
home to everyday. Like every other kid, they just wanted to reach the end of
the school day just so they could be at home. None of them asked to have
their lives taken away from them. None of them.
Now, we won't be able to see them in the hallways anymore. Some won't ever
walk across the stage to receive one of the greatest achievements ever.
I can't even go further down south knowing that my someone who had lifted
me up in the time I was down is forever gone and so are the plans we
had planned.
We're so lucky that we have rights and people that are set out to protect us
always. We're so lucky that there is someone always out to listen to us when
we saw the culprit making his plans. We're so lucky that they investigated.
And I'm so lucky that I'm not describing your funeral.
We're so lucky.

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To lose someone that you care about immensely in the hands of another is utterly the most heartbreaking tragedy to ever happen to someone. Although this was long overdue, I know that this subject is not one that I can just shrug off and move on. Everyday my heart aches knowing there are empty spaces in others' homes and in mine. We hope to see you again. I hope to see you again, "guac". y.a.