Toxicity Prevailed

Lustering thoughts of dreams dissolving and falling into what seems like an eternity.
Endless rants bleeding out, topics change but never the shift in responsibility. Aspirations wonder aimlessly, no direction in sight. Hidden in the corner of old files backlogged in juvenile attempts. Absurd rules decreed upon the unfortunate closest to the caster. Curses, I call, failing in a spiral of different views points but no point is made yet falls to deaf ears. Seeking purpose in the world of the lost, swimming through the despair to find a place to resonate within. Countless hours spent on the art of appearances, flaw deception at its finest. Paint the face to match the image of normalcy, but really, it is a slow death drowning in the overshadowing dominance and the insatiable need for control. The hand that points has led the way, the bewildered forest of forgotten sentiments. Harvesting the particles of potential, building in intensity and fortitude to weather the storm of passing time. Healing lacerations of malevolent influence, infection spreads, a disease it has become. Autonomy, a fable of daydreamers, the scavengers in the sea of the nonexistent and the readily complacent. Searching for the restless stalemate, motivation in truth, freedoms with justified endings.

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