Twist Master Ink(C)

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Welcome to America

Real talk

Round and Round I go
In and out of the same doors
Every city I roam
Still seein the same hoes
Nothing changed but the dough
Seconds from death row
Sticking on the low never knowin how the game folds
Playin catching up with now or later
Spend precious time shaking haters
Bettin the fader I'm gone have to see you later
After hittn them corners major
Standin up against the odds
Introduce the mob get hit by a murder squad
Coming from out your back yard
Pullin hoe card from sunken ships
If you feeling this throw up your hands
And unload the clip for the realness
Wise plots with friends
Wasn't out just for a benz
Lap top stuffing ends
2000 hustling
Can't help but save him wakin up the nation
Northwest craving success for days in
Here how you raise them
To never turn on kin
Keep enemies close in hand
Rather be judged by 12
Then carried by 10
Headed back to the pen
wasn't nothin for a black man
Making the best out of this cool living
Reaching for the sealing
While thugs chillin I'm getting that feeling
There's going to be some more killing

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