Two different worlds

Do you see what I can see?
I see a world full of endless possibilities,
But alas!I am getting suffocated in this reality.
Don't you realise that what you are seeing
Is not the world I am living in
Your world is a factory for manufacturing robots.
Everyone being told how to act and how to live,
Living like that is not a life anymore ,
That's why I forsake that world, cause I can never fit.
I have tried countless times to make your world mine,
But I couldn't make it,I couldn't cross the line
Separating me and the rest of your world,
The world which isn't mine anymore.
I don't belong there but my heart doesn't listen to me,
It yearns for your world and your acceptance,
That's why I take the advice of my mind in this fight
Cause my heart is tender,
It can't handle broken hopes and holds on tight
To those powerful emotions called hope and desire,
And I don't want to rekindle the fire
Which had been blazing in my soul's hearth
From aeons till now,cold winds have blown on earth
Both strong and weak,stormy and calm,
But the wind in myself,tops all of these
It wipes away any traces of warmth left in me.

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