U and I

I see you in truth
There’s an I in lies
There’s chaos in beauty
And beauty in chaos
I feel like my world’s turned upside down
Feel like I’m eating the words
I’m spitting out
We see the world on the flip side
And decide to flip it in our heads
Instead of seeing the world from the right perspective
Yet perspective is an opinion
No less of one than right and wrong
Left and right
Up and down
Good and bad
It’s sad
I’m mad
Yet I can’t tell you why
I can’t tell you a theme
Behind all my words
Behind all my actions
And the motives that drive me
Even though I haven’t started
To comprehend,
Or understand
The u in truth lies within...
The chaos of life
Is just one perspective
Because someone didn’t have
A skewed perception
Because someone had the stomach
To admit the objective within the subjective
The life within death
The limits in the skies
My eyes remain blind
Yet I still see you
Even if you can’t see me

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This Poems Story

The idea that the way our eyes work is by flipping the image they receive to be right-side up seemed interesting. Almost like we were born to see the world upside down yet we mentally flip it to understand it in our view. If our worlds seem to be turned upside down, what if they were actually right-side up and we just can't comprehend?