I watched DNC, convention virtual,
and unmasked RNC, party surreal;
(In DC, NC, and public carnival,
the rise, fall, of Pompeii/o in Israel).

Both kinda sorta lacked gusto,
Trumpers don’t pretend a manifesto;
What He wants he will ordain,
and Make it Great Again, Again !

Dems talked a bit of economic fix,
justice, character, people politics;
Loved young Brayden, so motivated,
Biden was strong, quite animated.

Reps promised optimism and love,
But what we heard, golly, by jove!
Fire, brimstone, mobs, all atrocity,
No place to hide, no sanctuary city.

Hearing the Reps, I forgot corona,
Economy, stocks, by grace of Madonna;
Problem is the blacks, other funny races,
Yes they matter, but lets hide the faces.

3 Presidents spoke, all American,
(Mr. Obama sang, as only he can),
Featured members of Cult Trumpian?
Gun, dude, housewife, native American.

I searched in vain for an evangelical,
Surely would bless us, Mr. J Falwell;
Apparently he won’t show up to pray
Photos to fix, a few costs to defray.

We must of course be fair and kind,
there was a scramble, fixers to find;
The old crew is in jail or indicted,
pardons not in yet, being expedited.

I search for America in all the rhetoric,
the spew of hate is so unpatriotic;
Alas, we tear the nation’s fine fabric,
US vs. THEM, the future is dystopic.

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