Unlike Any Other Journey

Isn’t it beautiful that we get to be young once?
We live these short, breathtaking moments, inhaling them one by one.
It’s like walking on a tightrope during a sunset that’s painted with roses that are tinted gold.
We may be under the menacing threat of falling, but we can’t help but savor it.
One foot placed carefully in front of the other, we count the landmarks we pass.
Inch-by-Inch we seek to break free, and run to the end of the horizon.
Sometimes we feel like we’re moments from plummeting down, down, down.
We’re in complete solitary, even though the crowd’s cheers are getting louder.
Memories crowd our lungs like the light air we breathe.
We can’t help but ponder the future as we approach our final steps.
We’re seconds away from stepping off, and finally getting to place both feet next to each other.
As we disembark off this tightrope, the ground feels elastic and not too solid like we remembered.
We look back and see the lone rope that connected us from where we started.
And suddenly we realize it.
We’ve made our voyage from children to an adult.
Our youth had its own tragedies but it all made sense because nothing gave us more off a rush than being filled with the joyful youthfulness we had.
Now we start our trek into another world, full of aches and triumphs.

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