I never know what you are
thinking or how it is you feel,
or if that’s even anything at all
is this even real

It’s like a game of tug of war
each time that you’re with me
You take my hand and pull me in
and watch me while I bleed

I never know where I stand with you
a lover or a friend you touch my skin and kiss
my lips until when the morning light
seeps in but ignorance is bliss

I know deep down this
Isn't real, not for you at least
But it races through my body
My heart feels it in every beat

I'm too afraid to tell you
exactly what you to do me
knowing you will fill my head
with endless possibilities

My fragile mind can't take much more
I need some sort of validation
to ease my aching heart and soul
a form of reconciliation

I need to know you crave my touch
I need to know you need my love
I need to know you long to feel me
Is that really something I'm unworthy of?

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