As we drive, guzzling gas that
has impacted the
I happen to look out the
window at the streets that we
have littered with garbage
Beer bottles
Where does it end?
Itʼs like our entire existence is
built on wasting everything of
substance so that we are only
left with man made subpar
Chemicals have never tasted
so good! Says the label that
was pasted on the side,
graded by the food approval
committee that doesnʼt seem
to care that weʼre gluttons.
We waste power every day
We waste food
We waste opportunities to
build friendships and families
because weʼre “not in the
We w-ste time to build more
things that waste time and we
donʼt see the problem with it
We waste money on things
that we wonʼt even use, on
hundreds of spoons of
different sizes even though
we know we only need one
We waste paper and kill trees
Please try to see my
It doesnʼt take a detective
And Iʼm not down on my
I just wish someone would
That this paper I hold in my
Is not a waste
We waste and we waste and
we waste
Entire lives are as wasted
As that drunkard in the club
Spent idly smoking while your
lungs are choking on the last
bit of air that we havenʼt
What a waste!
Hundreds of animals have
has to adapt to our
destructive patterns and we
have killed entire species from
our gluttony
What a waste when you see
that thereʼs plenty to go
Weʼre not starving
Weʼre not needy
Weʼre not lacking
And yet itʼs seemingly
impossible for us to send help
to others that need it
What a waste...
What would happen
If we all - at any expense -
gave something edible and of
substance not chemical
compounds to someone less
By golly,
I think we would start to solve
the problem

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