Your Light Shine

~I want you to listen to my cry,
~Hear the calling of my voice,
~Just take a look upon the sky,
~And know we all have a choice.
~There will be times when you feel alone,
~The feeling of being lost in the shadows,
~You think that your life is lived only by hate,
~Believe that, truly you have sealed your fate.
~You think you are nothing,
~In your eyes, you are a zero,
~But to others, you are something,
~In their eyes, you are a hero.
~It does not matter with your past sins and scars,
~To all of us, you are perfect of who you are,
~You think that your life has no meaning,
~To your loved ones, you are their reason.
~You may have done terrible things...
~It does not make you a terrible person...
~Just search what you truly love...
~And be the person you want to be...
~So this is my message for all of you,
~The lesson for you to see the truth,
~Let love come to your life and entwine,
~And never forget to let your light shine.

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