?Cotton Cookies?

?Cotton Cookies?

In and out
The gusts of my lungs turning the air into gusts of small winds, pulling back and pushing forth the exit

My calm and relaxed body under the thick flower printed comforter, warm as an oven and calm as the silence grew

My small dainty fingers curled up into the modern designed sheets, full of flowers where the sun rose upon and shun its glorifying light onto my closed blue sapphire eyes, gracefully warming up my face instead of waking me in the cold bitterness

But then in sneaked under my door and up to my nose
The sent of sweetness catches my attention and yearns for me to follow

It was very familiar and too trustworthy to decline and move it to the side
I followed and found myself heading down the long palace pink stairs, hearing my own soft sounding but quiet footsteps of my white clothed feet with ruffles at my ankles and pink hearts on my toes

I found myself in the kitchen where there laid the hot and ready to be crispy tray of cookies in my oven
With my flower printed pink oven mitts, I carefully picked out the tray and placed it on the counter

I looked down upon the cookies
Where did these come from?
I don’t remember making cookies
Am I dreaming?
I looked down on the tray and traced my eyes in closer to the golden letters that had read
“To Violet
from the angels up above”

I looked up and smiled with nostalgia as the extreme smell of sweetness and deliciousness met my nose
My eyes glistened in the morning light and sprinkles of sparkling dust were planted onto my cheeks
“Consider this a thanks and a blessing for your warm empathy and sympathetic heart”
I heard one angel speak to me from up above

I blew up a kiss from my palm and looked back down
With a pink spoon I looked down at the hot and not ready to eat cookies that would burn my taste buds
But I just couldn’t resist the urge to have just one bite and get lost in the senses
So I scooped my spoon in one cookie and blew cold air at its melting figure

Finally, the moment I was waiting for
The scoop was cooled down with heat left over and I brought it to my lips
My teeth carved the other side, leaving what looked like, a big scratch mark form a Predatorial animal with humongous claws of the wild realm
The warm, soft, kind, delectable and savory bite hit my taste buds with legacy
The cookie warmed my heart as I felt the part slip down into my form.

Thank you for reading my soft poem ?

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a cute soft wholesome poem about my favorite sweet, cookies.