1 AM

Running, constantly running from my problems.

I try to avoid them, push them off on others, but they have my name on them, and they always catch up to me.

Busted knuckles that I don’t remember getting. How? Guess I’m fighting demons in my sleep.

Not surprising considering they don’t mind attacking while I’m awake.

A giant hole in my heart...What’s going to fill it?

A million men can come and go, but it only makes all my holes gape...Wide open and raw so the whole world can see my flaws and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

They were all just a distraction anyway. I knew they wouldn’t last. They never do.

They slip through my fingers. I lose my attention, my distraction, and my sanity.

They are better off without me. They couldn’t save me.

They couldn’t be what I needed, or even wanted. They couldn’t be you.

You hold almost every beautiful memory, along with many of the bad ones. I turned you into my everything.

And then I lost my everything.

I would’ve given everything for you. I gave up parts of myself that I never imagined giving.

I broke my own rules for you. I broke everyone’s rules for you.

And the craziest part? I don’t regret any of it. I gave you my all. I left myself empty to fill you with all of my love.

And I’ll never regret that.

So maybe I’ll learn to move on, or maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life moving between distractions. Guess it’s my problem and my decision now.

Maybe you’ll be happy without me. I hope you’re always happy. I hope I’m part of the reason why. And I hope I learn to be happy one day, too.

I think I owe that much to both of us.

One last sacrifice...for you.

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