1. Who is he?

Who is he who sent me here? Who is he who calls me now?
Who is he who makes me fear? Who is he who makes me love?
Who is he who gives me tear? Who is he behind my brows?
Who is he who is so near? Who is he who seems above?
Look at me, oh my dear, please appear from your veil,
At my knees I beg you, hear! Give your ear to my tale.
I am he who is a see-er, see-er of hell from jail,
I am he who is a free-er, free-er of slaves from cave,
Like a bee, be a lover of a flower of your heart,
Like a sea, see your power that is sour of its part,
Like a tree, be a tower but a bower to a grass,
Like a key, be a solver be a knower of the pass,
But alas, I see you suffer, suffer in vain from your dreams,
That have been burnt to ashes you see flashes in a wind,
Blowing from mountains dust to valleys of your future now,
Bringing all those forgotten past and covering your heart’s love,
Mark you my words o marking beings, time flies ahead of light,
Leaving nothing for a seeing you are here for a night,
In a morning we are mourning and groaning in blight,
After all we must be going, going knowing it was one – way flight.
So let tonight pass enjoying, every second is your garden,
Plant your seed and plant it lolling but do not turn your joy into bargain,
Well remember, you are that seed outstanding in your field,
Able to grow into a flower or poison ivy, at your will.

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