10.15 Loe

What is this thing that people call "love?"
It can be the best feeling in the world
Without such emotion, no human can ever survive
It is like your most favorite things bundled up together.

Or love can be the shittiest feeling ever
It can be endlessly depressing
The longing feelings when you aren't with the one you love
It feels like an eternity
Being unable to love the one you wish,
Hurts like you're crawling on broken glass
And then fighting with the one you love,
Is like being pierced in the heart by the sharpest of blades
Breaking up?
It feels like the biggest betrayal that you will ever experience
It's worse than being run over by a car and thrown out of a plane

Love is like a butterfly,
Beautiful and special
But the more you chase it, the more it will elude you

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