1000 Dollar

By Zuxian   

Standing was i at the edge of the sea:
The reefs chatterings,the waves clapping.
The Jellies smiling at me,hurting my soul.

He stood at the other side of the sea:
Waving at me,beckoning to me.
Admonishing me,pulling my heart to him:
'I may be of help',the wind carried the offspring of his glottis.

But how can i meet him?
The foe wouldn't me or he:
Even the pompous and indifferent sea,
Executing his order,staying mine.

Yet,he wants to come to me.
Even like the curtains bolt,
My heart is fastened to him.
Who will bring us together.
He have been lonely.
I,of him i've been Hungry.

Wants a willing ship that'll travel to his end(where he stand).
And bring a thousand dollar to me(where i am).

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    This Poems Story

    When you long to meet a friend and he also longed to meet you but a bridge lies between you two. And their are many folks out there that can unite you two. So,you need a willing a folk to bring you two together.