12 1/2 Hours

12 ½ HOURS

He’s working part – time, set in his ways, only doing half days, but it wasn’t his only job. More hours are up for grabs, decisions, decisions.
Those half days could become full days, and more money – it pays.
He goes for it yet is told by an equal, it won’t be fair. The bosses have a long-time friend with long dark hair.
He’s interviewed, all normal, but this is too formal.
Set up to fail he was. The long dark haired lady’s turn, all smiles and laughs on arrival, this wasn’t formal and it wasn’t normal.
Been to a party? You know what I mean. The equal was right it wasn’t fair, a pre-arranged appointment, and a done deal.
Oh well, life isn’t fair, and it was only 12 ½ hours, no hard feelings so I got her some flowers.

By Simon Walker

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