12 Days

12 days of crying
12 days of hurting
12 days of putting the pieces back together
12 days ago
12 hard days ago
you said goodbye
to me, to us, to love.
12 days ago I believed in forever
12 days after I can barely believe in myself
You slipped between my fingers like the sun slips behind the hills
slowly, but then all at once you were gone.
Gone from my head, heart and life.
You slipped away like nothing held you back,
but I did.
I held your hand, I held your heart, I held it all.
I can still feel the chills every time I hear your voice,
the butterflies when you whispered I love you"
"I love you," 3 words that brought meaning to a meaningless life,
but also 3 words that brought meaninglessness to a meaningful life.
12 days,
12 hard days.
And each day is another day
that I have to remind myself
that 12 days ago you said goodbye.
12 days after I'm still piecing my life together,
but this time without you.
it's day 12; another day I'm alive.
Broken, but still surviving.

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