12 Years a Slave

Yes the white man tried to break me, but spirits can’t be broken
Hands bound behind my back and my feet shackled and my neck balanced around the noose
People walking about the grounds as if they do not see me, my mouth dry no words spoken
For years the people have struggled behind the white man’s thumb all praying for a day for a truce.
The clash of the whips is forever in my head not to be felt anymore upon my back
Forgot what it felt like to sleep on a bed and to feel nice clean sheets covering my body
All the things a man, a woman, a child must endure only because their skin is black
Our mind is gone; hit so much it leaves us wondering who we are, leaves our mind groggy.
I know my God will not put on me more than my body can take
As I stand in the fields picking the cotton, getting my fingers stuck with thorns I dream of a better place
I see me and my family having our own home where we can sit down at dinner to enjoy a steak!
For now I keep my dreams to myself so the white man won’t see it in my face.
Slavery is been around for many years, it comes in many different shades and cultures
Bravery is what it takes to survive and to overcome another man’s weakness to want to rule
To be beaten down like we are dogs our bodies thrown out in to earth to be eaten by vultures
Thank God I didn’t let the white man break me; I had the strength of a thousand men to win the final

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