1:23 A.M.

It’s funny how people are scared of the dark.
They say it’s because they don’t know what’s around them—who’s around them—
They say it’s because they fear the unknown.

They say this, yet they forget that ignorance is bliss
That if they knew everything, they’d be even more terrified

I say this, yet I too find that I’m scared—
Scared that a venomous spider will bite me in my sleep—
Or that a spirit will enter my body through my ear and possess me

So I rip off my blankets, cover my ears
And I lay there. Deathly cold and still
I lay there, and I wait.
Wait for the night to end, for the spider to come—

And when it doesn’t, I relax.
So I pull back my covers, I unblock my ears,
And close my eyes to greet the darkness.

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