1,2,3 cuts deep

Holding out my arm
Razor ready in my hand
Gonna turn the water on
So no one will hear me crying tears of pain

As I slowly move to make the first mark
I pray to god to help me
Take all this pain I feel inside
All the pain thats hurting me
I slowly make the first slash
I made a cut real deep
I can feel the blood running down on me
As I feel the cut sting
I can feel the numbness in my body
That it gives to me

As I make my second cut
I look at my veins popping out
Saying cut me and I will end ur life easily without a doubt
So as I slowly make the move
I can feel the cold razor make its move
As I cut deep near my vein
I remember I'm just doing this to numb the pain

I can feel the blood race
And I feel tears slowly falling down my face
I wish someone can take this pain away
Cause its eating me up alive inside me
I have old scars all down my arms
For all the times I cut myself
And have no one else around me

So as its time to make my last cut
I pray to god that it hurts the worst out of all of them
Cause I love numbness that i get
And crave the pain it makes me get
I slash so deep that it really hurts
I think its the deepest one I gave myself with all this hurt

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